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Had a dream that's been troubling you? Having the same dream over and over? Want to know the meaning of a dream? Then you've come to the right place!

It's been said that our subconscious minds or our inner selves never sleep and is always alert to what's going on around each of us. Reportedly, our inner selves cannot speak directly to our waking minds. (The one you are using right now to read this page.) However, many believe that our inner selves tries to get the attention of our waking minds by using our dreams.

Some people are convinced that some dreams are prophetic or deeply spiritual. It’s hard for them to explain the peace and power felt when speaking to God, Jesus, Angels, Prophets or Deciples in their dreams. The place they’re in is unusually surreal. They claim they can feel colors they see and stranger still…they can see sounds and music that they hear! BUT…on the other hand…neither can they explain the height of their fears when encountering Satan or demons and being jolted out their sleep! These type of dreams are in a category of their own.

There may be a lot of things going on between our inner selves and our waking minds. For example, if our inner selves sense that someone is backbiting or talking bad about us, behind our backs, we may hear sounds of guns or gunfire in our dreams. Understanding the meanings of colors, sounds, pictures, smells, etc. in our dreams, relative to our life's experiences, may be key to knowing what our inner person is trying to tell us. And if we could only make better sense of the anxiety and mental stress we are all currently under, we would be the better for it...don't you think?

Click the link and get started. We know you'll be very surpprised and hopefully comforted while being put at greater ease of what you may be going through or about to go through.

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